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The specific forms of implementation support for target groups is seven interconnected key activities:


We organize three conferences for participants from target groups to cooperate and exchange information in order to estabilished initial contacts between target groups and application sphere. These conferences take place as an interaction meeting of target groups waith experts from industry.

The conference aims to inform target groups about current issue of applications of nanotreatment and related opportunities of establishing cooperation with R&D institutions and industry in technology transfer and know-how. Other aim of the conference is offer and demand of cooperation of institutions represented by participiants.

  1. Potentional and applications of thin ceramic and metal coatings (PATCMC)

    This conference is organized by project partner University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, where he made this conference.

  2. Potentional and applications of nanotreatment of medical surfaces (PANMS)
    The organizer of this conference is the second partner of the Technical University in Liberec. Location of conference is situated in Hejnice near Liberec (25km).

  3. Potentional and applicatons of surface nanotreatment of polymers and glass (PASNPG)
    The third conference is organized by Masaryk University, the main investigator, in Blansko near Brno (30km).

Educational seminars

  1. Seminar "Examples of good practice in developing partnership networks between R&D institution and industry" (Brno)
    The target groups will obtain information about methods of solutions the problem of partnerships and networks in the existing local and foreign networks in this seminar. They will have an overview of possible procedures and good and workable solutions that have proved their strenght in the years of experience and those whose quality with time did not work.
    The aim of the seminar is to allow the target groups to avoid the early mistakes and gain enough knowledge to enhancing relationships with their partners. 
  2. Seminar "Real and actual problems of cooperation with industry" (Brno)
    The target groups will obtain current information about possible cooperation with industrial partners, their requirements and the ways to resist obstacles between target groups and industry.
  3. Study materials from seminars.


"Sharing needs and requirements of cooperation among acadamic institutions, R&D institutions and industry"

Workshops are organized for a regular member of the project partners and those with members of target groups, such as motivation and decision-making meeting on current problems faced by team members and target groups, when they are confronted to share and offer cooperation in academic institutions and R&D and application sphere.

The aim of the workshop is to increase cooperation and participation of the primary target group for the project (tha narrowest cooperation between institutions), develop guidelines for working with target groups, to identify sufficiently the current requirements and create the methodology for managment of the key activities and instructions for the creation (content, form) of the educational materials for target groups and portal NANOsurfing.

WebPortal NANOsurfing - electronic sharing of information and contact via internet portal.

Contact center NANOcontact.

Getting examples of good practise through internships of R&D staff.


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