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Contact Center NANOcontact

Masaryk University
Faculty of Science
Kotlarska 2
611 37 Brno
Czech Republic
(+420) 549 498 677
[nanocontact    physics.muni.cz]


Technical University of Liberec

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Research activities

They deal with diamond like thin films, their formation, evaluation of properties and applications. The main research directions are biotolerant applications for coating in medical fields and barrier applications for the automotive industry.

This faculty cooperate with Škoda Auto a.s. Mlada Boleslav on coating technology research, specializing in the automotive industry, specifically the reduction of the positive resistance of friction pairs.

Research teams are made up of faculty staff TUL and other prestigious institutions.

Research is focused in three areas:

Ferroelectric materials
Chemical sensors
Quantum Electronics


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