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University of West Bohemia in Pilsen

Department of Physics

Research activities

The subject of scientific research is the fundamental issues of plasma physics, plasma chemistry, physics of thin films and solid state physics, which arise in research of next generation thin film materials with unique physical properties and high use value.
These materials are produced using advanced physical technologies, which use different types of plasma discharge (DC, RF and MW discharges in continuous or pulsed mode).

The main attention is devoted to modeling and diagnostics of non-equilibrium plasma (optical emission spectroscopy, mass spectroscopy with high energy resolution and probe methods), studying the process of creating thin films by plasma deposition (reactive magnetron sputtering) and modifications of these thins film in the plasma (nitridation and combine techniques), research and development of new plasma systems for spraying materials and deposition of thin films, analysis of the structure (x-ray diffraction), analysis of the elemental composition (XRF spectroscopy) and physical properties (mechanical and optical properties, thermal stability) of created films and study of thermo-mechanical processes in materials (effects of intensive heat sources on materials,physical properties of materials dependent on temperature - high temperature sensors).

Research activities are focused into four areas:

  • New nanostructured thin film materials.
  • New thin film materials based on ternary and quaternary systems of carbon, silicon, boron and nitrogen.
  • New plasma sources for deposition thin films and surface modification.
  • Thermomechanical processes in plasma technologies and materials.



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