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Masaryk University
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Czech Republic
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R&D center for low-cost plasma and nanotechnology surface modifications

The project "R&D center for low-cost plasma and nanotechnology surface modifications" was created at the Masaryk University in the Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovation, Reg No. CZ.1.05/2.1.00/03.0086, Priority Axis 2 - Regional R & D center.

Project Financing:

  • European Regional Development Fund (85%) - 182 million CZK
  • State budget (15%) - CZK 32 million
  • The total amount of funding - 214 million CZK

Referring to the more than 50 years lasting tradition of applied plasma physics research at the Department of Physical Electronics, which resulted in several innovations successfully transferred into the industry, the project’s plan is to launch highly focused applied research of plasma sources and plasma processing development, strategically targeted on industrial end-users. This will be achieved by proposed investment into the:

  • Setting up a new laboratory of plasma modified surfaces analysis
  • Modernization of existing experimental equipment infrastructure
  • Setting up laboratory of industrial plasma treatment methods
  • Training a new generation of applied plasma physics researchers

The project "The project aim is to establish the regional R&D center capable of fast, flexible and highly expert response on demands of mostly SME and corporate industrial partners in the field of plasma mediated low-cost nano-technological surface treatments. In the first years the Center will primarily provide practical and “high-tech” response to technological problems of the Czech SME partners arising from current implementation of strict environmental legislation of EU. The long-term vision is to establish a reputable Center that will be the leading Central European R&D institution in the field of in-line plasma surface treatments and will be sought as an R&D partner by global international companies too.

The project runs from January 12, 2010 to December 31, 2014.

prof. RNDr. Mirko Černák, CSc.                            
Project leader      


11. 6. 2012 12:12