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Your gateway into the world of applied nanotechnology and plasma treatment of materials.


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Masaryk University
Faculty of Science
Kotlarska 2
611 37 Brno
Czech Republic
(+420) 549 498 677
[nanocontact    physics.muni.cz]


Industry services

We develop and optimise plasma procedures for your product and processes. We offer:

surface and volume material analysis

  •       chemical analysis - XPS, MALDI
  •       surface structure analysis - SEM, profilometer
  •       measurements of mechanical properties - adhesion, machine for tear, nanoindentor
  •       optical diagnostics of thin films - VUV/VIS/NIR elipsometer, FTIR elipsometer, UV/VIS/NIR       spectrofotometer


plasma modification of surfaces - 

  •      plasma modification of organics and anorganics surfaces
  •      plasma activation and plasma cleaning
  •      plasma pretreatment of various materials


deposition of hard and protective films


  •      system for magnetron sputtering
  •      system for vacuum evaporation


development and manufacturing of prototype plasma devices


consultat service


25. 6. 2012 12:12

System for magnetron sputtering


  1. Preparation of thin films by 20cm target sputtering (metal, ceramic, compound target) in inert and reactive atmosphere on samples attached to stationary or rotary holder
  2. DC, RF, p-DC or HIPIMS target sputtering, ion cleaning of the sample, substrate biasing
  3. Process control of preparation of oxides and nitrides by a feed-back control of reactive gas flow during deposition (stable conditions in hysteresis region) 
  4. Consultation and advisory work in a field of thin film preparation technology by PVD process

From 2013 after new magnetron is available 

  • Deposition by simultaneous sputtering of up to 4 targets on 15cm samples 
  • Sample biasing and heating up to 750°C during deposition process 
  • Preparation of monolayers, supergrids, multilayers and gradient layers using computer-controlled deposition process

Contact: doc. Mgr. Petr Vašina, Ph.D.


  1.      MALDI TOF MS characterization of purity of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and medicines
  2.      Mass spectrometric surface analysis of plastics, foils and inorganic materials (thickness less than 0,5mm)
  3.      Basic MALDI characterization of peptides and proteins
  4.      Mass spectrometric control of superpure materials, detection of contaminant trail in liquid and solid samples
  5.      Purity control of medicines, substances, inorganic and organic products
  6.      Consultation and advisory work in a field of mass spectrometric analysis


Contact: prof. RNDr. Josef Havel, DrSc.