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Your gateway into the world of applied nanotechnology and plasma treatment of materials.


Contact Center NANOcontact

Masaryk University
Faculty of Science
Kotlarska 2
611 37 Brno
Czech Republic
(+420) 549 498 677
[nanocontact    physics.muni.cz]


Registration and fees

All participants will receive conference proceedings, summarizing the the contributions of participants. 

The capacity of the conference is about 70 people, including 40 people from the supported target groups of this project (see below).

Participation in the conference's participants from academic and R&D staff and students in selected fields (nanotechnology, nanomodification) subsidized by the project NANOcontact.

The project directly supports the following target groups: 

  • Academic and other university staff, professionals, involved in education, research and development, working at Masaryk University, at University of West Bohemia and at the Technical University of Liberec.

  • Academic and other university staff, professionals, involved in education, research and development, working in academic and scientific research organizations in the Czech Republic except Prague.

  • Students of Physics and Managment and discipline involve in nanotechnologies and nanomaterials.

For more information on the number of supported people, and whether you qualify for obtaining support, please contact the contact person (Adam Pazourek).

Templates for creating abstracts to conference proceedings, will see ANNEX at bottom of page.Program - Invited lectures + schedule will be added later and will be avilable for download in the ANNEX.
(Program subject to change)


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